Thursday, March 15, 2007

LEN DAVEY - The FBI marries the Peter Principle.

March 15, 2007

The Peter Principle lives.

Peter Lance's "Triple Cross" aside, the Peter Principle lives, coursing through the veins of purported agent supervisor Len Davey. With the agents we spoke with, it seems to be a departmental affliction.

For newer readers, the San Diego branch of the FBI has significant problems.

An absence of professionalism coupled with an attitude most often seen in surfers who don't actually want a job - Service is not the watch-word in San Diego.

As such, San Diegans would do well to erase any visuals of hard-working crime fighting agents. With San Diego's long history of judges being convicted of bribery, we suspect there would be more if agents possessed some kind of work ethic. But this is not the case.

Neither should San Diegans picture lazy agents, avoiding work. No, a more accurate picture is it's much darker than that.

Picture a bureaucracy of agents who refuse to get out of their chairs.

Picture a bureaucracy of agents who refuse to identify themselves.

Picture a bureaucracy of agents who under no circumstances will be accountable in any manner.

Sometimes it really is just that simple.

Alleged supervisor LEN DAVEY refused on four separate occasions to identify his supervisor. He was asked his supervisors name after saying,

"Well if you insist on giving us information, you can come down..."

Insist on giving them information? We have to do their jobs too?

That seems so bizarre, we decided to record the call. When informed we were going to record the call, our G-MAN bravely hung up.

In one of several call backs, we next spoke to STEVE HARLEY Harley fancies himself a comedian. Short on material, Harley likewise refused to provide basic information. Information as to DAVEY's boss. Before hanging up HARLEY invited us to call "headquarters" adding in a sing song voice,

Have a nice day!

Then he hung up.

Another fine example of San Diego's professional G-MEN at work!

With management like this, San Diegans simply can't express surprise at the continuing level of public corruption, or any kind of future attack.

Sometimes it is just that simple.

Stay tuned.