Sunday, June 1, 2008

Why is Gordon Dillow Protecting the Bench?

In his article below, Orange County columnist Gordon Dillow protects not one, but TWO judges who refused to send what seems like a career criminal to jail. Isn't the job of Fourth Estate supposed Uncover this sort of thing? Somehow, in light of two deaths, Dillow's airy "jail overcrowding" doesn't quite ring true.

Dillow omits which judges sentenced Ruiz to how many years for his crimes and continuing with a complete lack of research, this paragraph;

Instead, a court commissioner GORDON: Which Court Commissioner?!? fined Ruiz $390 plus costs, put him on three years informal probation and ordered him to undergo alcohol counseling. Even after Ruiz violated his probation by skipping out on a counseling session, another judge simply renewed it.