Tuesday, July 29, 2008

NBC files a report identifying NEITHER Judge in Custody Matter

What is it with "reporters" who condense televised reports which identify judges, but lose the name for the web report, which lasts so much longer? Who blue pencils this relevant information? The producers? The Assignment editor? Tony Shin's televised report named one judge, Joseph P. Brannigan, (who should recuse himself from the case) but the web report lacked much in the way of relevant information. It's not "news" when half the information is missing remains a mystery.

Also not covered in this slapped together mess of a feature? The problem with San Diego Judges ignoring requests for restraining orders. www.FamilyLawCourts.com receives many complaints of the continuing problem of San Diego Judges willingly ignoring requests for restraining orders. Should NBC decide to conduct an investigation, those reports would be made available. Interestingly, one is from a different woman in Orange County, and a judge in Vista, Ca.