Friday, July 31, 2009

Media Prohibiting Judicial Transparency

Although a number of in print and television reports have covered the murder of toddler Cole Frazier, not a single editor or producer chose to reveal the name of the judge who signed the order resulting in the police taking Cole Frazier from his mother, Candice Dempsey, and delivering the toddler over to his father, Timothy Frazier, who had earlier agreed to supervised visitation, in a custody matter.

Timothy Frazier instead, manufactured a story and obtained an "Emergency Protective Order" to win temporary custody. Shortly after Timothy Frazier shot their son, Cole Fraizer and them himself.

As this nightmare began with a judicial order, journalism anyone?

The signing judge was Judge John David, "Jack" Seay. Judge Seay can be found on and case info at

The question of Why the fourth estate is depriving voters of critical information remains unanswered.